Proudly independent

Mid-North Real Estate has been operating since 1996 making us the longest serving real estate firm in Kaikohe. Owned and managed by Sandra Robinson, who has over 25 year’s industry experience, we provide a full range of services from buying and selling to property management.

We are the only independent real estate agents in Kaikohe and the benefit of that is that we are not restricted by a set of rules created by a national franchise. We respond quickly, we’re flexible and we can do what’s best for you based on the market you’re buying or selling in. We know our customers on a first name basis and we tailor our service to their specific circumstances.

We are also the biggest property management company locally and we manage rental properties right across the Mid-North. Again, as an independent, we do things a little differently. As an example we only charge a flat fee of $150 + GST to find suitable tenants and rent out your property, irrespective of the value of the rent. 

We truly believe that in real estate there is no one-size-fits-all solution… we are all about building relationships and working with you to get the result you’re after.

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Whether you’re buying or renting, we can help to find your perfect home.

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